Let's start with Goocus

Goocus being still being translated, screenshots displayed here are in Japanese)

Goocus is a mobile learning application dedicated to training and formation. It has been completely designed to be used on Smartphones, Tablets or Phablets but can also be reached from a web browser.

Goocus require an account to be used.

Do you have an account?
If you do not have one, ask a manager or administrator of your organization to create one for you.


Download the app

If you have an account, let's download the app.

iOS : The application here

Android : The application here



Enter your login ID and your password, then click on Login. (Log in)



Home page

On the Home page appears the Timeline; where information about your and other's learning is displayed. Only users registered in the same courses as you can see the messages and comments related. Learning with others and sharing your experience allows a more continuous learning.

As well as others messages, on the Timeline will be also displayed messages from the system and managers/lecturers.



If you want to start your learning, tap on the "learn" button, the book icon at the bottom of the page. Will be displayed the courses you can learn.


Select a course

Choose the course you want to learn.


Learning Card

The learning card is the smallest unit of learning of a course. Several cards of learning or tests follow each other to form a chapter. The application track your learning and save the last card you've learning, thus you can start back right after the last card studied.

At the top of each card is a star you can tap on to add the card to the favorites, which can be reached from your page.



My page

This page display your progresses in the learning, your actual status; you can view the badges you earned and the list of starred cards.



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